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Welcome to Irene’s String Theory

Irene’s String Theory States: A string (rope, cord, hose, wire etc.) after usage and storage, will invariably entangle itself.

Observation: While no one ever intentionally entangles anything, we spend untold hours over a lifetime untangling and unknotting messy arrays.

I’ve found that if you put any string-like object in a drawer or box you are just asking for trouble. It could be a string of Christmas lights, a ball of twine, rubber bands, it doesn’t matter one twit. No matter how carefully you pack it away, over time it will entangle itself into a veritable Gordian’s knot.

Definitive Proof!

Figure 2

Figure 2

Figure 1

Figure 1

Last year when it was time for Christmas decorations to be packed away, I decided to use that as an opportunity to prove Irene’s String Theory.

I arranged the strings of lights into neat little rolls, laying them side-by-side in a cardboard box. Then I took a snapshot to prove how carefully I had packed them away (figure 1). This year, when I opened the box (figure 2), it was a sight to behold.  The strands of lights seemed to have been engaged in a feverish orgy, the way they were entangled with one-another.

Sometimes, we create our own entanglements.

Sometimes, we create our own entanglements.

I could go on and on. Carefully tied shoe laces that mysteriously knot themselves. Necklaces that have an affinity for entanglement in hair. All of us fall victim to the phenomena explained by Irene’s String Theory. While I accept the physical reasons for “string entanglement,” the actual observed results is astonishingly frequent, beyond what I would expect.

Submit your entanglement stories!

Share your own humorous experiences that support Irene’s String Theory and I will post them on this website.


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