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For Immediate Release

December 24, 2013
For Information Contact:
Catherine Raymond
(315) 736-2206 ext. 4223

Irene’s String Theory
December 25th, 2013

Irene Giotto 85, of New Hartford NY, has successfully filed a copyright on “Irene’s String Theory!”

Irene’s String Theory:

A string (rope, cord, hose, Christmas lights, hair, jewelry ect.) after usage will entangle itself.

It is her hope the reader of her theory will identify with her observations, the next time untangling a knotted array.

A website,, provides one the ability to share their thoughts. The website also provides simplistic physical explanations why strings tangle, but the question remains if other less obvious forces occur that are not yet commonly identified.

Mrs. Giotto states that as a grandmother and great grandmother I have entered the field of “String Theory”, at a level that identifiable to the general public. The leading “String Theory” scientist of the world need not worry!